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Join for free Sign in. Sort by Popularity. Back to top. Update your payment settings. Update my payment details. Some hotwiring entails putting meters on and off supply every couple of weeks simply to reduce bills and yes, tenants can be guilty of this as well. Staggeringly dangerous but also very common. As an enforcement officer I have attended training courses from both gas and electricity companies on methods for meter tampering and was amazed at how simple some of them are and no…..

Persistent offenders can have their supply cut off in the street by UK Power Networks, who also weld over the cables to stop people reattaching the line. It costs several thousand pounds to get the supply reconnected in such circumstances but I have only seen them do it once in many, many years. Of course, when caught out the landlord blames the tenant but if the rent is inclusive of bills what possible incentive would the tenant have for doing it?

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont this week gave a speech challenging the orthodoxies of Scottish politics, threatening an end to some universal benefits.

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I am not going to get into an auction with the SNP. Someone always pays for it in the end.

A council tax freeze, for example, costs. Well, I have to ask what is progressive about a banker on more than , a year benefitting more than a customer on average incomes from the council tax freeze? Scotland cannot be the only something for nothing country in the world. We need to say what we want Scotland to be, what we can realistically afford, and how can we, in reality, make Scotland better.

If we do not confront these hard decisions soon, then the choice will be taken from us when we will be left with little options. Writing in the Herald, for example, Iain MacWhirter says :. Can I rely on your vote?

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Because Ms Lamont is talking like a government minister who is looking for political cover for unpopular but unavoidable political decisions. It may be laudable, even necessary in the long term, but is this politically wise? Will it have the voters flocking back? With the SNP committed to independence, it would be easy for Scottish Labour to ally itself with a large part of the electorate and argue for a much stronger form of devolution. It is what many want, and no party is prepared to offer.

She is dragging her feet in setting up the commission she promised would examine this issue. Its editorial notes :.

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The Scottish Labour leader has taken us off the constitutional roundabout and has got the political class talking for once about the real choices and issues that will affect life in Scotland in the next decade. She is mocked by opponents for saying that politicians have to go beyond populist, crowd-pleasing choices because the money is too tight to mention in the next decade. But perhaps the difficulty for Lamont, after what has proved a controversial speech to say the least, can be typified by twin headlines; one in The Spectator which proclaimed.

Whilst the New Statesman declared :. Like this article? Left Foot Forward relies on support from readers to sustain our progressive journalism.

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But what we do know is that Johann Lamont has set her aspirations low. Instead of supporting further powers for the Scottish Parliament to vary and raise tax, to set our own priorities, we are to attack the idea of universal benefits. Political suicide. Expensive means-testing, government control over people, is the wrong approach. Adjusting the tax rate to claw back the cost of the benefits from the rich is cheaper and involves less intrusion, and puts the burden on people who can afford it.

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The SNP must be laughing at her. Moved to the centre?

This policy shift really drives Labour crashing straight into the right hand ditch.